Last night I was watching a political discussion on a news channel. As usual two groups were there discussing a burning political issue along with the Anchor person.

In the starting of the programme, the two groups were discussing the matter at normal pace presenting reasons in the support of their respective points of view. Participants on both sides were belonging to the same field which was Law. Anchor was questioning the two persons and as they belonged to the same field they were more or less agreed with each other and reasoning in a very respectable way.

During all this I was watching the face of the Anchor who seemed to be quite uneasy as if there is something wrong going on which he didn’t want to be happened. While questioning, he was very loud and putting questions one after the other in front of the participants and it was felt that he didn’t want to listen to them.

After a while a point came in the discussion where the two participants seemed to have a bit disagreement with each other. At that very point Anchor person again became unnecessary loud and said “TAZAAD! TAZAAD!” (Contradiction! Contradiction!). I saw his face and he looked so contented as if he had achieved what he wanted since the beginning of his programme and then only I realized the reason of his discomfort in the starting.

After that the discussion was useless because no one was listening to the other and the programme ended. At the end of the programme that “Famous” Anchor person smiled and said, “We hope that the things would change.”

I was thinking was there really a Contradiction between the views of the participants or he (anchor) wanted to see the Contradiction in them?

If he wanted to see the contradictions, would the things change?


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Education : Needs of the Community

During the session of SOIS (Society of Iqbal Studies) , while discussing thechronology of Pakistan, our discussion moved towards the topic of our Education system.

The participants were sharing their views about the current education system. All were agreed that since the education system at present is not based on firm foundations, it will soon undergo a massive change.

While they all were discussing, I was stuck at very basic questions:

What does actually the Education System mean?
What do we call Education System?
How should it be?

I couldn’t get a chance to ask these questions in the session. However they were continuously revolving in my mind during the whole session and even after that.

I was reading Stray Reflections Iqbal’s private note book (4 thedition 2008) and under the caption of ‘Muslim Solidarity’ I came across this statement:

… I do not believe in absolute system of education. Education, like other things, is determined by the needs of community.

Education is determined by the needs of community.

My next question: In which sense the community should be considered? Should it be in the sense of religious based, cultural based, gender based or based on living standards?

If we see our society, it is divided into many communities at lower and upper level.

The people who in live in urban areas, they form one community. Those who are living in rural areas, they form another community and there many sub communities in terms of different aspects of life in the society. But how should we recognise a community that can be considered in a broader sense so that the Education System can be determined on the needs of the community?

Iqbal has referred Muslims as a community.

What are the needs of Muslims as one community through which their education can be determined?

I am in search of the answers which can help me to understand the formula or principles on which our Education System should be based.

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Fiercely Patriotic???

The caption of the post is taken from a paragraph of the Next Generation Report – a survey – recently launched by the British Council Pakistan.

‘Fiercely Patriotic’ was used in the description of one of the groups of Young Pakistanis which the report has identified. The group has been named as ‘Optimistic Patriots’.

The report is interesting and comprehensive and provides us a broader view of what our youth thinks. However the above mentioned group grabbed my attention due to the content it has in its description in the report. It states:

Our final group is an anomaly compared to the others. It consists of the few Pakistanis who believe there is little wrong with the country. Fiercely patriotic, they see it as heading in the right direction and are adamant that it is the best place to live in the world (very few of them want to study abroad, moreover). They believe the country is unique and that solutions imposed from outside are not applicable or useful.

Who includes in this group?

Many members of this group hail from the lower middle classes. They are small businessmen, shopkeepers and agricultural workers. Many are self-employed. Those in urban areas have been educated to primary or lower secondary level, while those in rural areas have had only the bare bones of an education at best. These optimists (who tend to be towards the younger end of our target group) are much more likely than other groups to believe that things in Pakistan are improving.

The group which consists of fiercely patriotic lower middle class has always been proved itself as the group who is actually a work force of Pakistan.

If we look into it, somehow, it covers all other groups that are being identified in the report, namely: Frustrated farmers, Urban Strivers, The Insecure Rich and Stay-at-home women.

This group is not in contradiction nor is it unlikely to the masses but it covers all other groups.

Despite of all the complaints which other groups have, they are looking forward to improve the things, emphasizing on the importance of education and vocational training and still striving for better career opportunities within the country.

And this is the true face of Pakistani Youth at the moment. The way they feel, they express it. They are optimistic, think that the things are improving due to the immense awareness that has been created over the past few years.

Instead of getting frustrated they are now realizing that only they can bring the change.

One might think that being Optimistic with this country seems to be a Fantasy at the moment. However this is the biggest Reality of the time that Pakistani Youth believes in them, Optimistic and has realized its potential which could bring change in the country which seems to be moving towards a disaster at present.

The referred passage can be found at page no 34 under the section of ‘Making a difference’ of the report.

* Read full version of report *

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International System

Since the technology has been bridging up a gap between different parts on the globe we are now living in the ” International System “.

The term ‘International’ was first used by Jeremy Bentham with regard to the Laws of Nations.

The communication has brought interactions between different nations, their people, religions, cultures and traditions etc. and the Law of Communication is now ruling across the globe.

This communication has resulted in building up relations that can be termed as ” International Relations “.

The term International Relations was used to define the official relations between the sovereign states.
However an American political scientist Quincy Wright has quite comprehensively defined International Relations as

“It is not only the nations which international relations seek to regulate. Varied types of groups, nations, states, governements, people, regions, alliances, confederations, international organisations must be dealt within the study of International relations if the treatment is to be realistic.”

If our system is International and includes all the groups above… on what values does this system work??

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Pakistan as I see it…

16444_102241893128604_100000283813680_60981_1681354_nPakistan is the land to which I belong.

I have been watching its ups and downs since my childhood. I have always found a paradoxical nature of happenings in Pakistan.

What is paradox? It is a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth (definition from Wikipedia).

The way through which one can easily understand the concept of Paradox is when a person put his forehead in front of God Almighty (i.e. in Sajdah). The highest part of the body is on the ground, at its lowest position, but at the same time he is on the higher level of his belief and more nearer to the Almighty.

I believe that this word can give the answers of different questions that are raised in our minds everyday concerning our country’s situation. In my opinion all the crises, which have been prevailing in the country since its birth, have proved to be a paradox for several reasons.

Viewing Pakistan’s history, every crisis reaches its peak and then suddenly goes down when there is no hope to get rid of that chaos which creates with the crisis. Every crisis makes us more patient and more deliberate in our certain moves that can be taken in future for our land’s interest.

Surprisingly each time crisis ended up with such a solution which was acceptable to everyone regardless of the first and the last option. This acceptability to the masses is called ‘Consensus’. The paradoxical happenings in Pakistan somehow every time reached to some kind of Consensus and then get solved.
This contradictory nature of crises or happenings in Pakistan makes it different in the eyes of the world which can be negative at the very moment but later on positive dimension emerges.

Watching the country’s situation can make us very worried but the above described nature of those crises can give us strength. The hopelessness in the country, the frustration and confusion have occupied a larger space in our minds specially the mass of my age group.

Today they view Pakistan deteriorating and many have started considering Pakistan from where chaos emerges which effects the neighboring countries and the other parts of the world too.

I firmly believe that Pakistan would become the centre of gravity of the global consensus. Today world has accepted the importance of Pakistan whether they like it or not. Surprisingly some unfortunate events including 9/11 and it’s after effects then War on Terror and becoming a victim of adverse terrorism have made Pakistan more prominent than ever before.

Although Pakistan has been declared one of the most unsafe, corrupted and poor countries of the world, it has always been a land of concern for the West, Africa, Gulf and rest of the world. The concern could be political, economic, agricultural, educational and so on. Pakistan most of the times is used as a bridge connecting different political thoughts among the nations of the world.

The diverse nature of its people always represents the Muslim world in fact I would say that Pakistan owns the Muslim World. Every important issue of the Muslim world is being advocated at the international level by Pakistan irrespective of its own interest most of the times.

Internationally, no matter what the system exists, bi-polar, uni-polar or multi-polar, no block can avoid Pakistan. Pakistan’s location, its natural resources, strong Armed Forces with Nuclear capability, its relations with other Asian countries especially China, its relations with Arab and African world makes it significant for the ruling nations of the world.

Pakistan as I see it is like a diamond that creates due to the extreme pressure of the soil over it. Once it gets out of that soil, it shines and becomes valuable for all.

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